Rita Barnett




Hi, my name is Rita Barnett. I am known for keeping spirits up around the learning center, always trying to let people know I’m here if they need me. I love working with the teachers and staff at SVELC. The children here are so wonderful and it’s awesome to see them learn and grow each day.


I went back to school while working at SVELC and earned my associate’s degree in Early Childhood. This is something I am really glad I achieved so I can help the children I am teaching even more. I am originally from Rockport Indiana, married my husband back in 1999, and moved to Evansville. Then, I started working at St. Vincent Early Learning Center. I have two daughters, whom I am so proud of.


It is important to keep learning no matter how old you are; you are never too old to learn new stuff. I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and people ask me why I keep working. My answer is always because I love the family here, they keep me going and the children keep me young. This is a special place to work, they care about you and understand your boundaries. We are a family and everyone has a place here.


St. Vincent Early Learning Center has helped so many people through the years in all different ways. I hope I can be here as long as I can to keep that mission of helping others in the area. I hope if you, or any of your family members or friends ever need anything you think of SVELC to help you with your needs.