Kenzee Koconis







“All beginnings are somewhat strange; but we must have patience, and little by little, we shall find things, which at first were obscure, becoming clearer.” St. Vincent De Paul.


Becoming a parent is a blessing, even in the messiest of times. Though parenthood is a blessing, it can also be very strange at first. Trying to find a schedule that works not only for the baby, but for yourself can be difficult. You have this small baby who is relying on you solely for every single need. With patience, times that were once strange and difficult will become clearer than the bluest sky. Our goal in the infant department is to help you every step of the way. Not only do we care for the infants as if they were our own children, but we also care for the whole family, creating a solid foundation to build upon. Being a parent isn’t easy, but you are never alone.