Jason Emmerson






Thank you for viewing St. Vincent Early Learning Center’s website and for reading our personal biographies. How can I help you? Helping people faithfully and joyously give, serve, and make a difference in people’s lives is a fundamental passion of mine. I love learning about philanthropy, being philanthropic, and helping others to give in generous, knowledgeable, and meaningful ways. Anyone can be a philanthropist!


I enjoy connecting people to causes important to them, like early childhood education. Helping you know that your giving is making an incredible and lifelong impact is important. I enjoy working at St. Vincent Early Learning Center because it is an inspired, student-centered, and relationship-focused organization in and out of the classroom. From an undergraduate marketing degree through the Kelley School of Business at IU, through two master’s degrees (Divinity and Public Policy Administration), and several nonprofit and fundraising management and leadership certificates, learning and professionally improving my abilities is another passion of mine. I enjoy serving and volunteering with other local nonprofits in our community.


I love innovation, technology, watching movies (Star Wars), and trying to grow things outside. I am totally a cat person.