Ashley Barrow






Hello! I’ve been a Lead Teacher here at St. Vincent Early Learning Center since 2019. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Arizona University in 2017, but have been working with children in a school setting since 2011. I have been passionate about children and human development for much of my life. I began babysitting gigs as soon as I could stay home alone, and then nannied in high school and my early college years. I am also a certified doula, providing emotional and physical support for pregnant women before, during, and even after childbirth. I help expecting parents make important informed decisions and advocate for their rights and wishes during the whole experience.


I am a blessed mother of six amazing children. My youngest was born at home! Three of them had their early education here at SVELC. My boyfriend, the kids, and I are frequently found outside having fun, enjoying the weather, staying active, camping, hiking, and riding ATVs. We are a family of animal lovers and advocates, so we have quite the zoo as well. In my spare time I enjoy baking. I can also sew and I have all the cool Cricut gadgets for designing all the cool new hings.


I quite literally fell in love with SVELC when my son attended for his Pre-Kindergarten year, this was prior to becoming employed. From the second I walked in the door, I could tell this was a special place. I immediately felt welcome, well not just welcome, but at home. And the way his teachers respected him and his ideas, the way he came home and couldn’t stop talking about all the fun things he did, his eyes lit up the entire time. It was all a magical experience. 


As a door closed on a chapter in my life in 2019, I found myself with a choice, I chose SVELC and it’s been history ever since. This is an amazing place to be a part of. To serve the families and make a difference in children’s lives every day. I only hope to make as much of a difference in my student’s lives as my son’s teachers did for him. You are welcome home anytime. With Love, Ashley