Summer 2018 Newsletter

Earlier this year, with input from our Board of Trustees, our staff, families and community members, St. Vincent concluded many months of work on a new organizational strategic plan, which will set our ministry’s overall goals and plans to achieve them for the next three years.

As a result of this process, our Board of Trustees determined that our name needed to better reflect the focus of our work, which is children’s early learning and education. In addition, with our ministry’s 100th anniversary later this year, it seemed an appropriate time to make the change, which clearly reflects our evolution from daycare to early education. After much discussion and deliberation, it was decided that our new name would be St. Vincent Early Learning Center.

Over our long history, we have evolved from meeting a need to care for children of mothers who were entering the workforce during World War I to a focus on  addressing and promoting the long-term development and success of all children through early education.

We now know that during the first five years, a child’s brain is at its most flexible, making this an important period for learning and growth. During these early years, how children develop and learn – mentally, emotionally and socially – is critical. It’s a time when children build cognitive skills – the foundation for reading, math science and academics – as well as character skills, social-emotional skills, gross-motor skills and executive functioning, which includes everything from impulse control to problem solving.

As we celebrate and recognize our ministry’s past, we look forward to its bright future which is clearly focused on helping children develop in healthy ways that support learning and ultimately, their success in school and in life.

Newsletter June 2018 FINAL

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