Lindsey Schenk






Welcome, I’m Lindsey Schenk, and I have been with SVELC since October 1, 2007. I received my associate’s degree from Ivy Tech and then moved on to USI for my bachelor’s degree. I have a true passion for working with children and the elderly.


I also love working with and volunteering in our community, with organizations, city leaders, and local heroes throughout the City of Evansville. Along with that some of my fun and enjoyable hobbies include gardening, interior design (I designed my kitchen and jewelry piece), traveling, and enjoy watching or attending sporting events.


I’m passionate about teaching the young minds of toddlers to help them love school; I do that by being a safe zone, getting messy, using tools, cooking, loving them, and making things for the community. In our classroom, we’ve helped out nursing homes, the honor flight, and local heroes. I’m also passionate about helping all families in any shape or form that is needed. I will find the help, support/guidance, or reference in a short period of time. I treat, care, support, and love each and every one that walks into the classroom as part of my family.


I am known for helping the children learn, grown, and have what is needed to move forward and to love going to school. I’m a helpful person and a teacher by reaching out into the community for families and children that need help in any way I’m a caring, listener, helpful, supportive, and give advice in any way that is needed.