Jayda Brink






From an early age, it was noticeable I had a passion for children (specifically infants). I remember vividly doing all I could to get myself a chance to hold my best friend’s little brother and weaseling my way into the church nursery with my mom when she volunteered. As I got older, I was able to volunteer my own time to babysit, spend time in the church nursery, and nanny for the littles during church camp weeks. Does anyone remember that TV show on TLC called A Baby Story? It was one of my favorite shows as a child (along with ER and Star Wars). I was obsessed. I couldn’t learn enough about everything baby related.


Obviously, that stuck with me. I quickly received my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education in 3 years at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale (Go Salukis!), nannied, became a Home Visitor for an Early Head Start program, then made my way into the classroom at SVELC. I was introduced to the Reggio-inspired approach to education, and it was like I had been given a piece of a puzzle I never knew I was missing. It all made sense and I felt like I had finally found my home in this beautiful space that values, loves, and respects the rights that children deserve. I’m still always striving to learn all that I can to be the best mother, partner, and educator I can possibly be (as well as a strong support for the families that I serve). I’m thrilled you’ve found SVELC and I hope that we can support you in every aspect of your journey- whatever it may be.