Dalan Bagby






We have all been a child once and have probably been asked the question – “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Well, in some ways I am not sure if I have ever grown up. I am FULL of goofy energy and always loaded with questions and imagination! I am sure I would have always quickly responded to such a question with “I want to be a mom when I grow up!” or wanting to be something – ANYTHING involving helping and taking care of others.


Today, all of those things stand true! I AM a mom (a cool Mom) and I am also part of an amazing team who is literally DEDICATED to taking care of children and their families! St. Vincent Early Learning Center has a specific mission… part of it being that we start all children on a pathway to lifetime success and help them and their families thrive. Not to be cheesy, (if you knew me you’d probably think I was made of cheese) but how special and beautiful and important is that? To me, it truly calls to my heart. Apparently, my Co-corkers thought so too when many of them nominated me for the first ever Vincentian Values Award. I won the award specific for “Zeal for The Mission.” What an honor!


One thing I personally value and also find important for this job is making real connections and really connecting with others. Its truly a great feeling to find the different ways to connect with people you work with and the families and children we serve. I believe it is essential to building, solidifying, and even maintaining meaningful healthy relationships while providing a safe space to share and communicate and support one another. I also strongly value fairness and opportunity for everyone. The energy and curiosity of young children infancy through preschool age.. truly fascinates me. Their individual ideas, experiences, questions, discoveries, dreams, gifts, feelings, all deserve support in all of the ways from materials, space, research, teaching, guidance and Opportunity that they deserve! SVELC is here for it. I am here for it, and I am always interested in learning all of the ways I can  help in meeting the needs of children in our care with love and warmth!