Carrie Moore






“Everything I needed to know to be successful in life, I learned in Kindergarten.” -My Mom.


Small children bring a wonder to learning that, if nourished, flourishes into a lifelong love of learning. Here at SVELC, I can use project-based learning by combining the children’s interests and my own into experiences that will teach them skills that will last a lifetime. I can learn next to the children. If anyone ever asks me my favorite dinosaur, I now have an informed answer (it’s the Parasaurolophus). We get to explore the world around us and I can bring my now 20 years of experience to not just teach the children ‘to be ready for Kindergarten,’ but ready for life. We learn how to be good friends, helpful neighbors, and kind citizens. We learn self-help skills, self-care, and bodily autonomy. We explore science and art in real and complex ways. We read…. and sing… and dance… We find joy and laughter in learning. Because the world is a vast and wonderful place to live and learn about. If we just ask…”Why?” and ‘I wonder if…” we can continue this exploration together.